A Hairy Situation

So my hair's been weighing me down lately.  It's been more than a year since it's been cut professionally.  I've been complaining to my husband about how long my hair has gotten, how gross it is that it sheds all over the house, and how it's been making me feel unkempt.  I know getting a hair cut isn't in our budget (not only that, but last time I did pay a professional hair dresser to cut my hair, she talked me out of what I wanted and gave me a haircut I didn't like) and had mentioned to my husband that I was going to YouTube how to cut my own hair (I've done it before - see here!).  When mentioning it to a friend of mine, she said something like, "Yeah, if you put it in a ponytail and cut it you'll get layers."  I was willing to test this hair styling theory out.  My husband encouraged me to finally do it:  he called me from work right before his lunch break to tell me that he'd find a YouTube video and help me cut my hair.  Isn't that sweet?  So later that evening after he got home from work, we searched YouTube and found this video and here are the results:

I thought cutting my hair in the shower would help the clean up after the cut go more quickly.  So I shampooed and conditioned my hair - realized that I needed to towel-dry my hair a bit - bent over and brushed my hair into a ponytail on the top of my head, slid my hair tie down to where I wanted to cut my hair, did a test run with a small pair of hair clippers at the thin ends of my hair and realized that pair wasn't going to cut it, so I called for my husband to get me my fabric scissors.  If the lady in the video could use a pair of regular scissors, then I guess I could too!  My husband did end up cutting my hair for me.  I could have done it myself, but he wanted to help so I let him.  Plus he's less of a perfectionist than I am.  He cut my quarter to a half dollar thick ponytail under my hair tie into a little trash can outside our tub and it was done!  I decided to shampoo and condition my hair again and did not expect to see what I did in the bathroom mirror!  When Gregg cut my hair it looked like one big fat chopped off chunk, but it really does work!  The ponytail cut does layer your hair!  I got a beautiful, thinned out, layered cut for free!  And just by showering in the evening and letting my hair dry in a bun overnight, I get these fun, bouncy curls!

Here are my girls getting into my photo shoot this morning [laughs].

If you just like your layers in the front and only like about 2 to 3, then this hair cut probably isn't for you.  It appears that this hair cut works for both thin, straight hair (the hair type the lady in the video appears to have) and thick, wavy hair (the type I have).

Edit:  To be safe, slide your elastic hair band almost to the end of your ponytail because if you cut off too much, your top layers are going to be really short!  There's also a tip posted under the video: "TIP: if you're really wanting to hack quite a lot off, start your ponytail further up your head rather than at your forehead, that way you won't end up with very short bits at the front."

I feel confident now that when it comes time, I will be able to give Leala her first hair cut with success!  I am also inspired to follow other YouTube videos for future hair styles.